I used to be skeptical of chiropractors, but recently I had upper back pain that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t  turn my neck while driving to check my side view mirrors. I called up Align Your Health and was shocked to hear about their affordable student discount. I thought I would give them a try. After one treatment I walked out the door feeling MUCH better, and two treatments after that, I felt better than ever. This office has great value and service, with a down to earth and realistic doctor.

Benjamin McKee

I have been extremely happy with the care I have received from Dr. Jones. I have had severe back problems for a few years and was worried about finding a new chiropractor after we moved to Rexburg. Dr. Jones is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I don’t have insurance that covers chiropractic and was also worried about being able to afford it. But Dr. Jones is very affordable and I am usually able to get appointments same day. I would recommend Dr. Jones to anyone who needs excellent care.

Blaine Brixey

I have suffered from headaches for years, and Dr. Jones helped them go away completely after my adjustments. He knows what he is talking about, and has great up to date equipment. His office has a very friendly environment that will work with you on payments. Not to mention he gives great discounts to students. I would recommend him to anyone who has any type of back/neck problem because he can help. Align Your Health is the best.

Michael Peery